Razturul was a young Nerazim warrior and guard at the warp gate of Shakuras. Terran Rosemary Dahl considered him a bully.

Razturul was present when Dahl and the Tal'darim, a band of protoss survivors from Aiur, arrived at the warp gate. The gate had been redirected, causing them to lose track of Jake Ramsey and the preserver he carried with him, Zamara, not an ideal situation as Zamara had important information and her presence was killing Ramsey. Razturul did not hesitate to show violence to Dahl, and found their tale of having been addicted to the drug Sundrop and having been escorts to a preserver hard to believe.

Razturul accompanied Dahl and Executor Selendis to Ehlna as a representative of the Nerazim. They were attacked by the zerg during the "operation" to remove Zamara from Dahl, and Razturul volunteered to lure them away with a ship. They eventually caught and killed him. He broadcast his farewell to Dahl.[1]


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