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This article is about the conflict. For the organization, see Rebellion of Korhal.
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Guild Wars


Mengsk's Uprising

Rebellion of Korhal

24782489 (secret)
2489—2491 (public)


Korhal IV


Decisive Confederacy victory; devastation of Korhal
Reorganization of the rebellion into the Sons of Korhal


Rebellion of Korhal

UmojaProtectorate SC1 Logo1 Umojan Protectorate

TerranConfederacy SC1 Logo1 Terran Confederacy


Angus Mengsk
Achton Feld
Arcturus Mengsk

UmojaProtectorate SC1 Logo1 Umojan Ruling Council
UmojaProtectorate SC1 Logo1 Ailin Pasteur

TerranConfederacy SC1 Logo1 Confederacy Council
TerranConfederacy SC1 Logo1 Confederate Command
TerranConfederacy SC1 Logo1 Old Families


Huge army on Korhal, numbering in the millions

Support of arms and technologies

Confederate Armed Forces

Korhal IV Colonial Militia
Confederate Fleet

Massive losses for the rebellion (reduced to 30 members)

At least hundreds

The Rebellion of Korhal was a conflict waged between the colonists of Korhal, led by the Mengsk Dynasty, and the Terran Confederacy. It ended in disaster for Korhal.


Secret OriginEdit

The roots of the Rebellion were envisaged by Angus Mengsk, scion of the Old Families. He attacked the Terran Confederacy and Old Families politically, denouncing them for their corrupt rule and seeking to free the planet from the Confederacy's grip.

Mengsk sought assistance from Umoja in the form of ambassador Ailin Pasteur, to little avail. However, when Pasteur came to visit, a "corporate death squad" tried to murder them. The team was defeated by the Mengsk family and their security team led by Achton Feld. The killers turned out to be Confederate neurally resocialized marines.[1]

Umoja supported the hidden rebellion with arms and technology, enabling the rebels to kill hundreds of Confederate troops in bombing attacks and ambushes. The Mengsk Dynasty ensured its corporations were self-sufficient to avoid Confederate pressure, and imported these "spare parts" daily. Mengsk's son, Arcturus, came to know of this but disagreed with his father, and generally remained uninterested in politics.

As the secret rebellion continued, hundreds of Confederate marines were killed through ambushes and bombs, and the Umojans continued to send military technology to Korhal, even tanks. The media downplayed these incidents and attributed them to lone madmen, but with deployments of the planet's militia, events on the ground told a different story.[1]

Open RebellionEdit

By the end of the Guild Wars in 2489 the Rebellion had millions of troops and Angus Mengsk declared Korhal independent from the Confederacy. Martial law was declared by the Confederacy, who sent in additional troops to reinforce their garrisons on the planet and restore order.[1] This only seemed to agitate the populace even more; the citizens eventually rose up en-masse and chased the Confederates from the planet.[2] The Confederates eventually withdrew their forces from Korhal, and instead sent sent three assassins to kill Angus Mengsk in the capital, Styrling, along with his wife and daughter: the head of his decapited body was never found.[2][3]

The New LeaderEdit

Arcturus Mengsk, Angus's son, a former Confederate marine colonel and prospector, was meeting Umojan ambassador Ailin Pasteur for personal reasons when he received news of the murder of Angus Mengsk from Achton Feld. He was outraged by the murders and swore revenge on the Confederacy. Pasteur offered him support,[1] and Pasteur would become a part of the rebellion's Ruling Council. Arcturus Mengsk was put in charge of the rebellion with Pasteur's help.[3]

Arcturus rallied the militant groups that had followed his father and created an army which struck at various Confederate bases and installations.[2] His tactics included destroying Old Family-owned factories in order to create maximum economic damage,[1] destroying supply route bridges on key planets, hacking into Confederate mainframes and staging mine-worker revolts. Even the rebellion's underground network became increasingly vocal in protest, rendering such a term something of a misnomer.[3]

The EndEdit

Main article: Destruction of Korhal

Arcturus Mengsk went to visit Umoja in 2491, gaining new recruits[3] when the Confederates fired a thousand Apocalypse-class nuclear missiles at Korhal, killing millions of people and obliterating most of the planet's infrastructure, crushing the mass rebellions once and for all.[2][1][3] Following this event, the movement was reduced to only thirty soldiers. Mengsk quickly recruited more from Umoja and renamed the movement the Sons of Korhal.[3]

This attack hardened the remaining men and women of Korhal into some of the fiercest warriors in the Koprulu Sector. Due to the nuclear devastation of their homeworld, they have demonstrated complete willingness to use their own nuclear arsenal against any potential enemy.[4]


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