The Record of the Besainted Church is a series of audio-visual files maintained by Brother 2 of the Church of Besainted Pelagius. It is divided into files sorted by number, giving the history of the cult up to the point where it relocated underground in order to escape any more attacks by the Terran Confederacy and its ghost agents.

These files were stumbled upon by a Kel-Morian salvage team years later, technical officer Macy Clift watching and listening as she downloaded valuable data.


The following transcripts of these files exist. They are all told by Brother 2, whose physical and mental health visibly deteriorates the entire time.

File 0067Edit

Record of the Church of Besainted Pelagius-Brother 2 speaking.

This most blessed colony continues in happiness, as is only right in the presence of his eternal genius. Even the deaths of Brothers 4 and 9 faze us not. Though brothers in the lesser numbers have confessed the screams of Brother 4 was somewhat...disturbing.

File 0069Edit

The deaths continue but don't affect the joy with which we approach our daily work. Our daily work includes searching! And creating barricades!

We are...ineffective.

File 0072Edit

Brothers 8 and 9 are gone! We found Brother 5 screaming. Said an angel came for him. He died before we could stop the bleeding.

Besainted Protector Pelagius the First claims his Supreme Watchmaker-gifted science will protect us. But the lesser brothers are speaking of noises in the night...ghosts whispering...

File 0076Edit

I hear them too. This is a time of...testing.

File 0112Edit

More deaths. Only Pelagius and I remain of the High Brothers. The lesser numbers search. They find nothing. Pelagius' soothing words are not enough. The children are screaming...

Besainted Pelagius is at work on a great machine to trap the intruder. He claims it will all be over soon. We must have faith.

Unknown NumberEdit

He said we alone would survive. But it seems we will also perish. We will be among the purge.

File 0212Edit

Good news! The Brothers rejoice!

The Besainted Pelagius' glorious machine saved us! We have found the intruder. It was a stealth agent sent by the Confederacy to bring us to an end! We have captured the heretic! Brother Pelagius claims that he can-through the divine inspiration of the Supreme Watchmaker, turn this "ghost."

A new and most puissant brother. Rejoice! Rejoice!


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