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Dr. Reginald Morris was a terran that served crime lord Ethan Stewart. He was tall, wore spectacles and had thin gray hair. Jake Ramsey considered him a caricature of a mad scientist.


A former member of the Ghost Program, Stewart faked his death and hired him away from the government, where Morris had specialized in training ghosts. Morris trained Stewart in the use of his psi-screen. He monitored Stewart's brain regularly because of the harmful effects of the psionic device.

In 2503,[1] Jake Ramsey and Rosemary Dahl arrived at Dead Man's Rock, seeking Stewart's aid in hiding from the Dominion. However, Stewart was in the Dominion's pocket and was going to turn them over – Ramsey, because of his new psychic abilities, Dahl because of what she knew. Morris wanted "first crack" at Jacob Ramsey's brain; he would scan it.

However, Ramsey and Dahl escaped shortly afterward.[2]


It was not made clear if Dr. Morris was himself psychic.


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