Remote Mining Station Four (or Forsaken Station) was a mining station on Moria owned by the Kel-Morian Combine. It was surrounded by a vast dune sea, with some mountainous terrain far in the distance.

During the Second Great War, the outpost came under attack by protoss forces. Terran Dominion and Kel-Morian Combine forces, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Gwen Maxwell mounted a defense, and managed to push back the protoss with a line of marauders and firebats.

In the conflict, a colossus was deployed, which incinerated many of the terran defenders. It was damaged and forced to pull back. Captain Marius Blackwood broke formation to peruse it, eventually chasing it down and destroying it with two shots from his siege tank. However, the protoss regrouped and pushed to kill Blackwood. A dropship was sent, which evacuated Blackwood just in time, but was shot down by a phoenix, killing both the pilot and Blackwood.


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