"If we grab it, I can instantly repair the Hyperion and replace lost tac fighters."

- Chief Engineer Rory Swann(src)

Repair bots were robots scattered in the asteroid field outside of the starbase of Mira Han. They were designed to repair ships damaged by asteroid impacts. Repair bots could repair capital ships, as well as help replenish their fighter escorts.

During the Second Great War, Matt Horner was forced to attack Mira Han's starbase in order to free Colonel Orlan. During the attack, he ran upon repair bots in the asteroid field, and Rory Swann noted they would be helpful to the Hyperion.


Repair bots can be found in the With Friends Like These... mission where they can be used to fully repair the Hyperion and it's tac fighters. They are used by when approached, but serve as a way to fully repair the Hyperion after a particularly tough engagement.


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