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Shakurus SC1 Art2

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The Growing Shadow


Moebius Corps Mission: Sky Shield or
Shakuras Mission: Amon's Reach

The Spear of Adun

End War


Legacy of the Void




Aiur, Khor-shakal


DaelaamRegalia SC2 Decal1 Daelaam

HybridHonors SC2 Decal1 Amon's Forces


Khalai SC2-LotV Logo1 Hierarch Artanis
Khalai SC2-LotV Logo1 Phase-smith Karax

Khalai SC2-LotV Logo1 Executor Selendis (corrupted)
HybridHonors SC2 Decal1 Amon


Activate power cells (5)

Optional Objective(s)

Power up warp gates (3)


Centurion and dragoon unlocked in War Council

New Tech

Photon cannon, shield battery

The Spear of Adun is the third mission of Legacy of the Void.



"The Spear of Adun. I... I am honored to have this opportunity. This is fortune we cannot ignore."

Near the ruins of Khor-shakal, Phase-smith Karax was ambushed by a group of zerg, only to be rescued by Hierarch Artanis and his forces. Karax told them that his nerve cords had been cut to remove him from the Khala. Artanis said that he needed Karax to activate the ancient generators powering the Spear of Adun, so that he could take the last uncorrupted protoss and retreat from Aiur.[1]

The MissionEdit

"Every hand turns against you. Even the ground beneath your feet carries the seeds of my victory."

- Amon in Selendis's body(src)

Karax activated one of the generators, only to find the other four were clogged with zerg creep and needed to be cleared out. Amon revealed himself in Executor Selendis's body, telling them that their efforts were hopeless. Each generator was defended by groups of zerg and protoss under Amon's control. As the Daelaam defeated the defenders and activated the generators, Amon sent nydus worms and warp prisms to assault Artanis's nexus point. Hybrid were also fielded, but all of Amon's forces were held back long enough to reactivate the generators.[2]


"With this vessel, we will avenge what has transpired, Karax. And we will free the Templar!"

The Spear of Adun came online just as Amon sent a large wave of forces to overrun Artanis's base. Artanis had all uncorrupted protoss warped aboard, and departed Aiur.

In a moment of peace, Artanis and Karax marveled at the engineering of the massive ship and its many functions, though they mourned the loss of the Khala. Artanis made a vow to avenge their defeat on Aiur, and free the protoss chained to Amon's will.[3]


The mission is to clear out the four power generators while defending the main protoss base from constant waves of attackers from both sides. A series of shield batteries and photon cannons can defend each ramp to keep the waves out, but as the game progresses Amon will start sending larger and larger attack forces with hybrid and immortals that quickly destroy cannons. Rebuilding lost structures, and warping in defensive reinforcements will be necessary later in the mission.

Scattered across the map are three warp gates that can be captured to help reinforce faster. Grabbing the first one quickly will gain the player access to transforming gateways into additional warp gates. With each generator destroyed, Amon spawns waves of nydus worms and warp prisms to siege the player's base, and it is recommended that forces be pulled back to destroy them before the main base is overrun.

Through the mission the player is given access to the Spear of Adun's ability to deploy pylons anywhere there is vision. This is useful for setting up frontline pylons near large engagements so that reinforcements can be brought to the front quicker. A side note on this is that the unclogged power cells is also producing the psionic matrix around it without the need to build or deploy pylon, use this to your advantage if you did not bring probes in your army or running out of energy to deploy pylon.

The southeastern generator is heavily defended by zerg, protoss and hybrid defenses. If necessary, there is a ramp beneath the easternmost generator that leads to the rear of the last generator. This allows the player to destroy the generator while bypassing most of its defenses.

Starcraft 2 - THE SPEAR OF ADUN - Brutal (Adun Toridas Achievement) LOTV 338:50

Starcraft 2 - THE SPEAR OF ADUN - Brutal (Adun Toridas Achievement) LOTV 3.


SpearOfAdun SC2-LotV AchieveIcon1
Spear of Adun

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Complete "Spear of Adun" mission in the Legacy of the Void campaign.

SpearOfAdun SC2-LotV AchieveIcon2
Warp Tour

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Use Warp Gates to warp in 5 units within 10 seconds in the “Spear of Adun” mission.


The achievement name is a reference to the Warped Tour rock concert.

SpearOfAdun SC2-LotV AchieveIcon3
Sprinter Cell

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Activate all the Power Cells in less than 15 minutes in the “Spear of Adun” mission on Normal difficulty.


The achievement name is a reference to the Splinter Cell series of games.

SpearOfAdun SC2-LotV MasteryAchieveIcon
Adun Toridas

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Destroy all enemy structures in the “Spear of Adun” mission on Hard difficulty.



  • In the northwestern corner of the map, a bunker door can be found at the base of a dense jungle, a likely reference to the television series Lost.


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