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Rett Coolidge was a marshal's deputy on New Sydney, based out of Red Mesa, working under the command of marshal Wilkes Butler.


Coolidge was constantly at odds with Jim Raynor and Tychus Findlay as they robbed the local trains. During one of the last train robbery, Coolidge was the last one Tychus took out, nearby maiming him. Later, after Raynor and Tychus stole two planet-hoppers and sent Daisy to taunt Butler, Coolidge was the one who had to report the ill news. He later was the one to interrogate Daisy, though she gave her information willingly.

Later, Coolidge was invited with Butler to the Interstellar Marshals Convention on Bacchus Moon, and he came to the Blue Note with Butler. There they ran into Raynor and Findlay and their contact Jennifer, but could not capture any of them.

Later, the two tailed Raynor and Findlay after their failed robbery of Covington Bank. While Raynor escaped, they were able to catch Findlay, and Coolidge was sent to secure the unconscious assassin Ezekiel Daun.


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