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Richard "Poppo" Raman was an enforcer to the crime lord Fagin.


Poppo gained his nickname from his habit of popping chewing gum when he was a kid. While he hadn't done so in ten years, the name stuck.

During the Great War, Poppo was called to defend Fagin's HQ from a rogue telepath. However, the girl did not want to harm Fagin's followers, only the crime lord himself, and repeatedly jammed his followers' weapons, Poppo included. Realizing that he was fighting a hopeless battle, Poppo surrendered.

One of his fellow enforcers, "Two Bit", was not dissuaded as easily, the telepath sending Poppo stumbling into him with her psionic powers. Thinking that Poppo was "flicking" with him, Two Bit shot Poppo through the skull with his pistol. In the last instant of his life, Poppo wondered why the girl had lied to him, even though his death was something that she had hoped to avoid.


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