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The following section contains information from StarCraft II that is ambiguously canonical.

Riksville was a terran settlement on Mar Sara, located at the base of Mount Jacobs north of the Dust Bowl and west of Backwater Station and White Rock. It housed Joeyray's Bar. It was set among a series of canyons, two bridges being the points of entry.

In 2504, the township was a point of call for Raynor's Raiders, Raynor using it as a base to launch raids against the Terran Dominion on the planet.[1] However, with the coming of the zerg, the township found itself under attack, its outer dwellings steadily being consumed by zerg creep.

Despite the odds, the Raiders, aided by the Mar Sara Colonial Militia, were able to hold out long enough for the arrival of the Hyperion, successfully transporting the survivors to safety.[2]


In the map editor files for Liberation Day, the town square of Backwater Station is labeled as Rikersville Town Square.[3]


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