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Riley "[censored]" Bullhorn






Colonel Riley "[censored]" Bullhorn is a foul-mouthed terran colonel who is often assigned to poorly-designed space platforms.


"Who designed this [censored] place? What [censored] "engineer" crawled out from his [censored] hole to inflict this [censored] [censored] upon my people? A [censored] platform split into two [censored] halves?[CENSORED]!"

- Edited comments of Colonel Riley Bullhorn(src)

Orbital Platform G11-F3 is Bullhorn's first known platform, poorly-designed in that it had no bridges connecting the two halves and possessed insufficient supplies of vespene gas.[1]


"Ok. I finally asked for a [censored] transfer. For once in their [censored] [censored] lives, High [censored] Command decides to do me a [censored] favor. So I move halfway across the [censored] sector to take command of my new station. What do I [censored] find? A [censored] [censored] more [censored] [censored] orbital platform then the last [censored] of [censored] that I was on!"

- Edited comments of Colonel Riley Bullhorn(src)

At some point, Bullhorn asked for a transfer, High Command granting shipping him to Orbital Platform K4-J19. Bullhorn did not take kindly to it, given the giant 'bull's-eye' in the center of the platform, supposedly making things easy for the enemy.[2]


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