Rita was the daughter of an aristocratic family turned deputy of Quijadas on Choss. She had a close friendship with Marshal Rin Shearon, and the two raised her young orphaned cousin Jasper together.


Rita was born to a wealthy, aristocratic family on Choss. As a child she enjoyed eating at the Agave Club, one of the higher class eating establishments. Rita met Rin Shearon when she had called in a fight between two drunk commodity traders, and the two became fast friends. Men would joke about getting "R & R," from the two of them, and they took the nickname.

Eventually, Rita had a falling out with her family, and Rhett Shearon took her in and gave her work as a deputy. When Rhett died during the troubles, Rita comforted Rin and brought her from the darkness. Rin returned the favor when Rita's family were killed by the zerg invasion. When her orphaned cousin Jasper appeared on their doorstep, Rita and Rin took him in and raised him.

When Dolly Juarez called in the death of Alden Moss, Rita told the now marshal Rin about it. Later, when they discovered that the town had a mutalisk problem, she insisted that she go out to help too, but Rin insisted she stay behind. During the battle, the thought of Rita and Jasper being safe kept her going.[1]


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