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The following section contains information from a previous version of StarCraft II which is no longer valid.

Roach SC2 Cncpt1

Roach concept art

Roaches previously attacked air units but that ability was removed from the game pre-retail release.

As of May 2008, due to a bug roaches were not affected by the Dark Swarm's secondary ability of preventing units inside it from firing.[1] Dark Swarm was later removed from the game by October of that year.[2]

Artistically, the physique of the roach was very similar to the lurker, leading the design team to push the lurker in a different direction so the current roach design could be retained. Originally, brown was its dominant color, but this was later changed to black.[3]

The roach was originally a melee attacker when it was first revealed in March 2008[4] though it was later redesigned to be a ranged attacker, making the scything blades nearly useless aside from visual flamboyance.[3] Its melee animation can still be seen when a roach is targeting a unit within melee range.


In April 2008 the roach regenerated at 15 HP per second[5] (25 hp/second with Organic Carapace).[6] A roach could heal fast enough to retain approximately 50% of its hit points if hit by a psi storm, and over 80% of its hit points after its regeneration has been upgraded.[7] The roach's regeneration rate appears to have slowed as of April 2009.[8]
Roach SC2 Cncpt2

Concept art

Blizzard removed the above-ground regeneration ability, as they felt it was too "random"; roaches could win or lose battles depending on how they were randomly targeted when opposing units attack-moved against them.[9]

In June 2010, the Organic Carapace upgrade was removed.

OrganicCarapace SC2 Game1 Organic Carapace

Greatly increases roach regeneration by +10 hit points per second.[10]

Purchased from Roach warren[11]
Hotkey O[11]
Cost 150[11] Minerals Terran SC1 150[11] Gas Terran SC1 110[11]Time SC2 Game1
Required Hive[11]

Heart of the SwarmEdit

Under the old mutagen system, roaches had the following available upgrades and evolution options in Heart of the Swarm:

Chitinous Plating[12]

Roaches gain a +1 bonus to armor.[12]

Bile Ducts[12]

Roaches gain a +2 bonus to damage.[12]

Organic Carapace[12]

Roach regeneration increases by 2 hp/second.[12]

Evolve Roach[12]

Roaches transform into leeches or prowlers; once the choice is made, it cannot be reversed.[12]


Legacy of the VoidEdit

During the Legacy of the Void beta, the roach burrow and tunneling claws upgrades were made standard. These was reverted to upgrade status.[13] The ability to move while burrowed was temporarily removed.[14]


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