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The following section contains information from a previous version of StarCraft II which is no longer valid.

Roach Den SC2 GameOld1

The former roach den

The roach warren was formerly known as the "roach den"[1][2] and "roach nest."[3]

During development, the role of the warren changed several times. Initially the building served as a queen's nest, later repurposed as an ultralisk cavern, and then repurposed again to various other things. Effectively, while the design team liked its look, they had difficulty finding a use for it. Eventually the roach warren was decided upon.[4]

Beta DevelopmentEdit

OrganicCarapace SC2 Game1
Organic Carapace

Greatly increases roach regeneration by +10 hit points per second.[5]

Purchased from Roach warren[6]
Hotkey O[6]
Cost 150[6] Minerals Terran SC1 150[6] Gas Terran SC1 110[6]Time SC2 Game1
Required Hive[6]


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