Rodney Oseen was a white collar criminal who siphoned funds from Mar Sara's government. He was sentenced to El Indio Prison, and was transported there by Marshal Jim Raynor.


Rodney Oseen was a thin, wiry man with blonde hair who looked more like a banker than a criminal according to Jim Raynor. He was caught on petty crimes, and releasing a virus into the computers of the Mar Sara government that stole their funds. He was sentenced to El Indio Prison, and was escorted to the border by Sheriff Glenn McAaron, who handed him off to Marshal Jim Raynor to take them across Perdition's Crossing.

Perdition's CrossingEdit

Rodney begged Jim Raynor to let him go, saying that he wouldn't survive prison life. Raynor said he'd be fine, and kept going. After T-Bone and Marduke got into a fight, Rodney stated again that he wasn't cut for prison life and would die in El Indio Prison. Raynor and his prisoners eventually came across a destroyed transport raided by the Mazor gang. He found a survivor that said they had taken scientists and children as slaves.

Raynor gave the three an offer; if they helped fight the slavers and free the slaves, he'd tell the authorities they died in the fight and let them go. Rodney agreed, and helped Raynor set up his spider mines for the attack on the base. However, as Raynor turned around, Rodney hit him in the back of the head with his gun, knocking him out. Rodney told T-Bone and Marduke about it, who had just rescued the slave children. However, Marduke stood by his word to Raynor, and knocked out T-Bone and Rodney with two swift punches.

Rodney and T-Bone were then taken to El Indio Prison, with Marduke going free for staying by his word.


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