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This article or section concerns fan-created content.

Rogue Star is a publically recognised fan-created mod for StarCraft II, using the Galaxy Map Editor. It is a tactical turn-based RPG.[1] It has recieved Arcade spotlight from Blizzard Entertainment.[2] It was created by modder "Pirate." and David Orr, who created the game's music.[2]


The game has the player take control over an exiled protoss warrior, who is given a second chance to atone for his crimes.[2] Enemies include heretic zealots, probes, and genetically-modified zerglings. Bosses also exist. Gear and currency can be gained through these fights. A leveling system exists with a skills table and talents point. This is based on the concept of "builds" (an RPG staple for character customization). An option exists to reset a build. Buffs/debuffs also exist.

The game begins with a tutorial.[3]


Pirate took inspiration from Final Fantasy Tactics and Ogre Tactics when creating the game, as well as from more traditional RPGs. Originally, roguelike elements (permadeath, randomized items and dungeons) were intended for inclusion, but weren't implemented due to time constraints.

Pirate spent 100 hours between the summer of 2013 and Blizzard's Arcade Highlight contest working on the game. After the announcement of the contest he kicked development into gear, spending an average of 50 hours a week until the end of May.[2]


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