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Rolfsen is a marine and member of Raynor's Raiders.


Rolfsen was present during the Battle of Char, and was part of the team that Jim Raynor took with him into the primary hive cluster after the activation of the xel'naga device. The device had successfully de-infested the Queen of Blades, but while the zerg were now feral, they were just as deadly. With Kerrigan in toe, the team made their way across the surface of Char, killing any zerg that got in their way. Matt Horner gave them rendezvous coordinates for extraction. While en route, Rolfsen was assigned (along with Cam Fraser to help Lisle and Haynes, who were transporting the device to the same location.

The rendezvous was successfully made, and the Fanfare landed, ready to extract them. They docked with the Bucephalus, at which Kerrigan was transferred to sick bay. Rolfsen took her there with medic Lily Preston.[1]


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