"I'm Sergeant Roosevelt Brannigan of the Confederate marines. This vessel is hereby commandeered under orders of the Confederacy. Take us to your captain immediately."

- Brannigan upon boarding the Hyperion.(src)

Roosevelt Brannigan was a terran marine sergeant who served in the Confederate Marine Corps, Alpha Squadron. In the aftermath of the destruction of Korhal, he was serving aboard the Norad II, only to come across an unidentified vessel. Per the orders of Colonel Edmund Duke, Brannigan led a squad by dropship to investigate the vessel and, if necessary, secure it.

Brannigan soon became aware that this was indeed a rebel vessel, courtesy of a rebel prisoner. However, the prisoner unwittingly led Brannigan and his men into an ambush. Caught in the ship's narrow corridors, Brannigan and his men were cut down by enemy fire.

Brannigan's dropship had carried a ghost, which then went on its own killing spree.[1]


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