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"Swann is a mechanical master of all things Terran. With Swann, you’ll have access to unique and advanced weaponry, which you can use to wreak unspeakable mayhem across the battlefield. Beginning each game with a massive laser drill, Swann will be unable to construct a Barracks. Instead, Swann relies entirely upon his mechanical prowess, and once he’s constructed his army there is little that can stop him."

- Commander blurb(src)

Rory Swann
Chief Engineer
RorySwann SC2-LotV Art1



TerranDominion Logo2a Terran Dominion

RaynorsRaiders SC2 Logo1 Raynor's Raiders

Armoured Warfare

Rory Swann appears as a selectable commander in the Co-op Missions mode of Legacy of the Void. His army composition is based around mechanical units (vehicles, starships, and turrets), improving their performance in battle and allowing him to build large numbers of them more quickly. He also has access to a Drakken laser drill which the player can control,[1] and attack anything within the player's line of sight.[2] He can also construct a variety of defensive turrets.[1] All of his mechanical units are constructed 20% faster than normal, and his factories do not cost any vespene gas to construct.[2]

As a downside, Swann is unable to build a barracks, and must rely on factory and starport units.[1]



  • Recommended for experienced players
  • Control a giant Drakken laser drill with destructive energy abilities
  • Build an army of vehicles, spaceships, and turrets


Power Set 1
Concentrated Beam Width and Damage: +2% – 60% (up to a maximum of 640 damage)
Combat Drop Duration and Health: +2% – 60% (up to a maximum of 96s, and 640 health)
Power Set 2
Immortality Protocol Cost and Cooldown Duration: -2% – 60%
Structure Health: +2% – 60%
Power Set 3
Vespene Drone Cost: -3% – 90% (down to a minimum of 10 Minerals Terran SC1)
Laser Drill-Production Time: -2s – 60s

Calldown AbilitiesEdit

SC2 Swann AC - LaserDrill
Drakken Laser Drill

Attack with the drakken laser drill dealing 20 damage per second to target unit. Has unlimited range. Drill can be upgraded to increase damage.

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Initially available
SC2 Swann AC - CombatDrop
Combat Drop

Calls down 4 A.R.E.S. war bots, stunning enemy ground units in the drop zone. The war bots are controllable and fight for 60 seconds.

Duration 60Time SC2 Game1
Cooldown 240Time SC2 Game1
Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Swann Level 2
ConcentratedBeam SC2 Icon1
Concentrated Beam

Deals 400 damage to enemy units and structures in a line across the entire map.

Cooldown 180Time SC2 Game1
Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Initially available
PulseCannon SC2 Icon1
Pulse Cannon

Deals 600 damage to enemy units and structures in target area after a small delay.

Cooldown 300Time SC2 Game1
Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Swann Level 4.


SC2 Swann AC - CombatDropUpgrade
Six for the Price of Four

Increases the number of A.R.E.S. war bots called down by Combat Drop by 2, for a total of 6.

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Swann Level 14.


Swann has access to the following units and structures:

Icon Unit Details
Hellbat SC2-HotS Icon1 Hellbat Close combat fighter able to transform into Hellion.
Goliath SC2 Icon1 Goliath Forward assault strike armour; designed for ground-to-air heavy-fire support.
SiegeTank SC2 Icon1 Siege Tank Tank armour that can transform into a stationary artillery fire-support mode, allowing it to strike targets at a greater range with high damage output.
Cyclone SC2-LotV Icon1 Cyclone Mobile assault-harrassment armour, armed with twin Typhoon missile pods that engage air and ground enemies.
Wraith SC2 Icon1 Wraith Cloaked aerospace strike fighter.
Science vessel SC2 Icon1 Science vessel Scientific research vessel able to repair friendly mechanical units.
Hercules SC2 Icon1 Hercules Tactical-airlift aerospace vessel.
Thor SC2 Icon1 Thor Heavy attrition-warfare/assault-breakthrough armor; deal splash damage to air units and fire powerful cannons at ground targets.
(Unlocks at level 6)
PerditionTurret SC2 Icon1 Perdition Turret Anti-personal automated defensive structure that fires twin flamethrowers at a time.
(Upgrades to Flaming Betty-variant at level 3)
DevastationTurret SC2 Icon1 Devastation Turret Anti-armoured automated defensive structure that fires concussive grenades.
(Upgrades to Blaster Billy-variant at level 3)
MissileTurret SC2 Icon1 Missile Turret Anti-air automated defensive structure that fires two missiles at a time.
(Upgrades to Spinning Dizzy-variant at level 3)


Swann acquires the following talents as he levels up.

SC2 Swann AC - VehicleSpecialist
Vehicle Specialist

Swann trains vehicles and starships 20% faster than other Commanders. Building factories does not cost vespene gas.

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Initially available
SC2 Swann AC - TurretUpgrades
Betty and the Gang

Devastation turrets are renamed Blaster Billy and have 3 increased attack range, for a total of 9. Attacks now slow enemy movement speed by 30%.

Missile turrets are renamed Spinning Dizzy and have 75 increased life, for a total of 325. Attacks now deal area damage.

Perdition turrets are renamed Flaming Betty and cost 50% less minerals, down to 75 minerals.

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Swann Level 3.
SC2 Swann AC - VespeneHarvester
Vespene Harvester

Calls down an automated harvester that gathers extra vespene for you and your ally from any friendly vespene gathering structure.

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Swann Level 5.
SC2 Swann AC - UnlockThor
Unlock: Thor

Allows Swann to build thors from the factory.

Heavy assault mech.

Can attack ground and air units.

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Swann Level 6.
SC2 Swann AC - FactoryUpgrades
Factory Upgrade Cache

Unlocks additional upgrades for goliaths, cyclones, and thors on the factory tech lab.
• Allow goliaths to attack ground and air units simultaneously.
• Increase the damage of the cyclone's Lock On ability by 50%.
• Unlocks the thor's 330mm Barrage Cannon ability, which stuns and deals damage to enemies in a target area.

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Swann Level 7.
SC2 Swann AC - ImprovedSCVs
Advanced Construction

Multiple SCVs can build a structure, reducing its construction time. Repair has no resource cost.

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Swann Level 8.
SC2 Swann AC - ArmoryUpgrades
Armory Upgrade Cache

Unlocks additional vehicle upgrades on the armory.
• Increase the attack range of all vehicule and ships by 1.
• Allow vehicules and ships to automatically heal themselves over time.

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Swann Level 9.
SC2 Swann AC - TechReactor
Tech Reactors

Combines tech lab and reactor add-ons, allowing two units of any type to be trained simultaneously.

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Swann Level 10
SC2 Swann AC - EngineeringBayUpgrades
Engineering Bay Upgrade Cache

Unlocks additional structure upgrades on the engineering bay.
• Allow structures to automatically extinguish fires and repair themselves to 50% of their maximum life.
• Increase attack speed of all turrets by 25%.

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Swann Level 11.
SC2 Swann AC - ImmortalityProtocol
Immortality Protocol

Allows destroyed thors and siege tanks to be rebuilt on the battlefield.

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Swann Level 12.
SC2 Swann AC - StarportUpgrades
Starport Upgrade Cache

Unlocks additional upgrades for wraith and science vessel on the starport tech lab.
• Upgrade wraiths to evade 20% of incomming damage while cloaked.
• Unlock the science vessel's Defensive Matrix ability, which surrounds a target with a shield that absorbs 200 damage over 20 seconds.

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Swann Level 13.
SC2 Swann AC - CombatDropUpgrade
Six for the Price of Four

Increases the number of A.R.E.S. war bots called down by Combat Drop by 2, for a total of 6.

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Swann Level 14.
SC2 Swann AC - MechnicalKnowhow
Mechnical Know-how

Increases the life of Swann's vehicles and starships by 20%.

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Swann Level 15.


Swann has access to a variety of Brood War and Starcraft II units; while he has many useful options, it is very upgrade heavy. Centered around building as many mechanical units as possible, Swann mixes up the old and the new with a variety of vespene gas-guzzling war-machines. Swann can construct factories without the need of a barracks or any vespene gas. To top it off, Swann also has access to the Drakken Laser Drill from the Wings of Liberty campaign after 300 seconds of build time.

Recommended masteries

Power Set 1: Concentrated Beam Width and Damage

Full points allows Laser Drill to one-shot Battlecruisers!

Power Set 2: Immortality Protocol Cost and Cooldown Duration

Full points equates to more aggressive usage of Siege Tanks and Thors; if you are only using goliaths, then Structure Health is probably a better choice.

Power Set 3: Vespene Drone Cost

Full points equates to cost-savings of 720 minerals early game and 50% increased gas production than normal for upgrades; all extremely useful for economic openers.

Economy FirstEdit

Swann economy takes longer then most commanders to get started. A trick to expand faster is to build a devastator turret next to the expansion rocks after construction of the first factory. The turret will quickly destroy the rocks, and can be salvaged for a full refund after a base has been established. Once Improved SCVs is unlocked, ten SCVs can make the time needed to construct an expansion command center, while also saturating it immediately afterwards. Vespene hunters should be placed on all vespene geysers, including those of the player's ally. These drones grant vespene to both players, and can kickstart Swann's economy and allow for production of heavier vespene units while giving more resources to more vespene reliant heroes like Vorazun. Use Combat Drop liberally against large waves, and try to target its drop as upon impact it stuns all enemy units around it.

Power of the SunEdit

The Drakken Laser Drill is one of the most useful tools in Swann's army, and its abilities allow it to cripple most attack waves in one go. However, upgrades do take a long time on it, so it is worthwhile to get them started as early as possible. As such is it useful to have an armory made before the drill comes online. The drill will auto target any unit that comes out of the fog of war, but try to focus the drill on higher priority targets such as spellcasters or hybrids.

Gas GuzzlersEdit

Goliaths and Hellbats should be the core units of Swann's army. Goliath's superior anti-air range and flexible multi-lock upgrades are essential; it allows them to be a good source of damage for the army while staying back from the frontlines. Hellbats armor upgrade can put a buffer between the Swann's main army and the enemy forces. They excel against zerg armies, and are a good way to dump minerals if Swann begins to stockpile them while running low on gas. If possible, try to put out a pair of hellbats for early defense.

Drop The HammerEdit

Siege tanks and thors are also powerful units, but become even more so when Immortality Protocol is unlocked and they can be reinforced on the frontlines instantly. Note that using Immortality Protocol, while cheaper and quicker than making a new unit, costs gas, so this does not mean that these units should be wasted carelessly. Siege tanks with their Maelstrom Shells become flexible against all kinds of targets, and on maps like Temple of the Past are key to holding off some of the larger attack waves. Know when to siege and when to stay mobile; never siege outside the effective-range and contribute minimal damage to a large battle. Thors are flexible, can absorb damage from enemy armies.

Get In My HoldEdit

Swann's Hercules dropships are much cheaper than in Wings of Liberty, take up less supply, and can make tactical jumps. A few dropships can immediately ferry an entire army of thors and siege tanks past chokepoints and dump them instantly wherever they are needed.

Science HurtsEdit

Lastly, science vessels are one of the most essential units in Swann's arsenal. In addition to being Swann's detector unit, these ships can heal mechanical units for the cost of energy, but with Improved Nano-Repair they can repair indefinitely. This means that a group of four or five science vessels can keep an entire army going, putting them back up to maximum health between combat encounters fairly quickly. This also frees up the energy for the science vessel's other abilities, defensive matrix and irradiate, which can and should be used liberally.


Protoss CommandersEdit

Alarak is an effective teammate for Swann. Both have access to transports, the war prism and hercules, making them highly mobile. Goliaths and thors provide a powerful anti-air support to supplement Alarak's ground-focused army. Science vessels and SCVs can repair Alarak's powerful robotic units. Swann's vespene harvesters are invaluable; allowing Alarak to upgrade and train his ascendants in large numbers.

Artanis grants Swann Guardian Shell, which has immense synergy for Swann's army in the mid to late game. In addition to keeping Swann's high cost units alive during heavy combat, Swann's science vessels mean that these units can be quickly recovered from the point of death. With siege tanks and thors, this gives them another backup in addition to Immortality Protocol. In addition, Artanis's army will usually consist of immortals, dragoons and sometimes tempests, which also benefit from Swann's ability to repair them.

Karax synergizes perfectly when paired with Swann, due to both commanders' focus on mechanical units. Karax's powerful anti-ground forces with the immortal and colossus are well complemented by Swann's powerful anti-air goliath and thor. Swann's science vessels and Karax's carriers can repair mechanical units, and both can combine their static defenses together for more versatility. Karax is incredibly gas starved, and Swann goes a long way to alleviate this. This is the only way to obtain a true army of powerful units for Karax. Karax's passive heal of mechanical units comes in extremely handy in the early game; Swann's units are as strong as they are slow, making it more difficult for Swann to retreat in battle. Karax's reconstruction beam ability is particularly useful in this case. If all else fails and both players suffer great losses in battle, Karax can help both players recreate their armies faster than anyone else.

Vorazun greatly benefits from Swann's vespene harvester. In addition, well placed dark pylons can shield Swann's heavier back-line units such as siege tanks, and in the higher levels can give them a substantial damage increase. Vorazun can also use Black Hole to set enemy armies up for Swann's powerful calldown abilities, as well as his siege tanks and the science vessel's irradiate.

Terran CommandersEdit

Raynor's army is perfectly functional without any aid from Swann's units, and vice-versa. However, one strategy that works to maximize efficiency is for Raynor to focus on an air army of banshees and vikings, as Swann's air game is weak, but he has a stronger ground game with hellbats, siege tanks, and thors. With such a strategy Swann can also use his science vessels to support Raynor's aerial forces. Swann also can provide Raynor with unattached tech reactors, accelerating his production of advanced units such as marauders and battlecruisers.

Nova can benefit a great deal from Swann's vespene harvesters, but otherwise her unit quality is far superior to Swann's (with the exception of Swann having thors and cyclones). Science Vessels can help keep Nova's mechanized units alive while not requiring her to make ravens, and Swann's static defenses easily compensate for Nova's poor defensive structures. Tech reactors don't help Nova's production, as her unit calldowns are cooldown-based. Additionally, Swann's laser drill can work in tandem with Nova as she dismantles enemy bases.

Zerg CommandersEdit

Vespene harvesters are a boon to ultralisk and mutalisk production for Kerrigan and baneling production for Zagara. It is efficient for Swann to focus on a powerful ground army while Kerrigan/Zagara gets an air force to support them. Kerrigan's Nydus Worms can also help out with Swann's poor mobility.

Abathur is another good choice for Swann. Vespene harvesters allow Abathur to gain much needed gas for later game units and high tier research. Many of Swann's units have high range, which allows Abathur's shorter ranged, high health ground army to create a buffer between the enemy and high priority targets. Abathur's Swarm Queens can also be upgraded to heal mechanical units in the Evolution Chamber on high levels, and Swann's Science Vessels can cast Defensive Matrix on Abathur's already durable front line units, allowing both armies to be virtually indestructible.

Stukov does not benefit from Swann's vespene drones in a major way, but Stukov's forces compliment Swann's forces very well. Swann can provide a more expensive siege line while Stukov's disposable waves on infested create a buffer zone, protecting Swann's units and keeping the enemies in the area of maximum damage for his siege tanks. Swann's science vessels can heal Stukov's mechanical army. In addition, on defensive maps infested bunkers and the infest structure ability allow for aid on Swann's siege tanks and turrets even from long distances. Swann's drill meanwhile can be used to clear the way for infested waves that are struggling to break through a defensive line.



CoopSwann SC2-LotV AchieveIcon1
Combat Ready

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Kill 25 units with Swann's Combat Drop before they expire on Hard difficulty.

CoopSwann SC2-LotV AchieveIcon2
Drop 'Em Dead

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Kill 250 units with Swann's Combat Drop.

CoopSwann SC2-LotV AchieveIcon3
The Power of the Sun at Your Fingertips

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Deal 20,000 damage in a single mission with Swann's Drakken Laser Drill on Hard difficulty.

CoopSwann SC2-LotV AchieveIcon4
Smooth Operator

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Harvest 100,000 Vespene Gas for your ally with Rory Swann's Vespene Harvester.

CoopSwann SC2-LotV AchieveIconMaster
Awaken the Bear

20 Achievement SC2 Game1


Complete all the Commander Swann archivements.

SwannCoop SC2Portrait Swann portrait


CoopLevel SC2-LotV AchieveIconSwann1
Swann: Level 5

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Reach level 5 with Rory Swann.

CoopLevel SC2-LotV AchieveIconSwann2
Swann: Level 10

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Reach level 10 with Rory Swann.

CoopLevel SC2-LotV AchieveIconSwann3
Swann: Level 15

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Reach level 15 with Rory Swann.



Data in the Galaxy Editor points to Swann having access to diamondbacks at some point in development.[3]


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