The following section contains information from a silly source and is not canon.

Ross Harrison and the Secret Academy is part of the Fledgling Heroes: Blizzard Novels for a New Generation and an April Fool's joke.


Eleven-year old Ross Harrison lives on Tarsonis, the "Dominion homeworld". His parents are terrible, terrible people. His adoptive mother forces him to eat, sleep and go to school in the bathroom and carry his fat brother in a backpack on forced marches. His adoptive father is a despot and hate crimes "champion".

He is identified as special and is offered a scholarship to study at the secret military academy of the Emperor's Legion, the elite retinue of terran special operatives that his biological parents served with.

Despite emotional problems and a lack of experience, he is put in charge of the Fourth Squad that his biological father used to lead. When all of the Legion's officers and spouses went on an "irresponsible extended holiday", the zerg attacked Tarsonis. Harrison was able to save the planet from annihilation essentially by himself.[1]


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