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Explosive breed



"The Zerg are causing more damage, men. Concentrate your fire and take out those...those roverlisks."

- General Edmund Duke(src)

Roverlisks were a zerg strain, based on the domestic dog, used by the Kukulkan Brood during the Battle of Bhekar Ro. It was created by a queen as an "experiment" when it absorbed the genetic pattern of Old Blue, a large dog. Those created during the battle were absorbed by the energy creature. The roverlisks were so named by Terran Dominion General Edmund Duke.

Roverlisks had spines sticking out of the back, armored claws sprouting from the shoulders, four eyes on waving stalks, tusk-like fangs and claws as large as scimitars. They could explode much like an infested terran.

Known RoverlisksEdit


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