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Dominion Space


Koprulu sector


At least one


Hills and plains


Xel'naga (formerly)
Protoss (formerly)


Protoss (formerly)
TerranDominion Logo2a Terran Dominion


Terran Dominion colony world

Roxara is a small world on the frontier of Terran Dominion space. It has wide rolling plains and hills[1] and has a moon.[2]


The xel'naga visited the world in antiquity and left a "stealthy" artifact behind. In turn it was colonized by the protoss though like other worlds, was a site of the Discord. Protoss unwilling to accept the Khala severed their nerve appendages, becoming Dark Templar and when confronted by their breathren, unleashed psionic storms. The protoss had abandoned the planet, though their history was left marked on various rocks in both artistic and written form.[1]

By the 26th century, terran colonists under the Terran Dominion had settled the planet.[2]

Search for the ArtifactEdit

In 2503,[3] Lassatar, a dark templar, came to Roxara to search for the artifact. He was unable to pinpoint its location despite having a sensing device. The protoss met Tiffy, a young human female, who thought Lassatar was an angel and would help her crippled father, Kern. Tiffy helped Lassatar locate the artifact. Before leaving with the artifact, the dark templar fought and crippled Nero, a reaper and enemy of Kern.[1]


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