Rufi (or Ru) is a citizen of the Terran Dominion who married former Dominion Marine Corps Sergeant Virgil Caine. At the outbreak of the Second Great War, she encouraged him not to answer the recall of old marines.


Rufi met and married Virgil Caine some time after the end of the Brood War, and fell in love with both his strength and vulnerability dealing with his posttraumatic stress disorder. The two moved into an apartment, and she would help him through his night terrors, holding him as he woke from nightmares crying.

When the Second Great War broke out, the Terran Dominion recalled all of their former marines into service. Rufi refused to let Virgil go, saying he had already done his service to Arcturus Mengsk. She contacted her dad, who worked as an administrator in a Dominion office position, and who was able to get her false identifications. Their plan was to move to Shiloh under the names Derek Dayton and Jossie Thomas, and live out a quiet farm life there.

While they packed, Virgil looked back on the items he had kept from the Brood War and reflected on his fallen squad. Rufi insisted he had to get rid of them, and not wear the zergling tooth necklace he often wore. She gave him his false ID, and told him he had the shuttle after his that would take him offworld. Virgil almost went to the shuttle, but at the last second changed his mind, threw out his false ID, and rejoined the Dominion Marine Corps.[1]


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