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Rush Defense is a StarCraft II expert-level challenge. It teaches how to defend from early rushes that occur during multiplayer matches. The challenge is centered on a besieged terran base.


Zergling rushEdit

The first part of the challenge is to defend the base from 8 waves of zerglings, totaling 22 zerglings,

The attack may be defeated by building a barracks and two supply depots to block the ramp. Use marines against the zerglings and SCVs to repair the wall.

Zealot rushEdit

The second part of the challenge is to defend the base from a constant stream of zealots, and build up an army to destroy the protoss outpost warping in the attackers.

Build a barracks to the bottom right of the supply depot, then a bunker between the barracks and the vespene geyser. The first zealot will attack the supply depot. Do not garrison the bunker until four marines are trained; the zealots will attack the bunker instead once it is garrisoned. Build a refinery and supply depot to extend the wall on that side of the base.

On the other side of the base, build another bunker and a barracks with a tech lab. Again, do not garrison the bunker until it can be filled at once. Extend the wall around the northern side of the base if necessary.

Train marauders, marines or siege tanks to attack the protoss base. Destroy the southern gateway and the two pylons first to disable the photon cannon.

Alternatively, position an SCV directly in the position of the warp gates BEFORE they are warped in, this will prevent the probe building the warp gate. When the first zealots warp in, run it around with the SCV down towards the bottom of the map, no need to go down the ramp, by this time the player should have a bunker + troops in, just bring it back, and dispatch it. just keep expanding from there, since the probes never attempt to re-build the warp gates. The player will have only 1-2 gates left to deal with.


RushDefenseBronze SC2 Icon1
Rush Defense: Bronze

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Score the rank of Bronze in the “Rush Defense” challenge mission.

RushDefenseSilver SC2 Icon1
Rush Defense: Silver

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Score the rank of Silver in the “Rush Defense” challenge mission.

RushDefenseGold SC2 Icon1
Rush Defense: Gold

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Score the rank of Gold in the “Rush Defense” challenge mission.


This challenge is set in the map Blistering Sands Novice, the only difference is that the destructible rock on the expansion's choke point was removed.

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