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This article or section concerns fan-created content.

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SC2VN is a fan-created visual novel themed around StarCraft II. It has been spotlighted by Blizzard Entertainment. It is available for download off Steam.

The game was launched via a kickstarter in 2013.[1] It was developed over a two year period.[2]


The game takes place in 2011, where StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is on the rise alongside Korean eSports, and foreign players are flying in to compete. The game explores the dynamic environments of players, sponsors, teams, and tournament organizers who all face unique challenges and questions as the pro-gaming scene for their game continues to develop.

Players take control of "Mach," an aspiring pro-gamer who has spent their summer job savings to fly to Korea and attempt to break into the professional scene. Even as a well-known semi-pro, Mach quickly encounters the rough realities of trying to build a career in professional gaming.[1]

A prequel is currently being worked on.[3]


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