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This page is part of the StarCraft Wiki's Manual of Style.

The shortcut link for this page is SCW:MOS.

These are guidelines that should be observed when editing content pages.

Article titlesEdit

Articles titles for a character should not include titles or ranks, only the character's name. Titles should not use abbreviations; abbreviations should be left to redirects.


Please see Help:Images page for information.


At most there should be only one link to the same article per paragraph. If the term appears constantly in an article it may be feasible to have a link every few paragraphs.


The perspective of writing in articles generally fall into two categories: in universe and out of universe. Put succinctly, in universe writing is written as if a person from within the StarCraft universe wrote it. Out of universe is written by a person who knows that StarCraft is fictional or fanmade (unless it is a fanon). Consider the following:

In StarCraft II, Jim Raynor was running out of belief and hope...

The above is written out of universe since the term "StarCraft II" is a "real world" term. If one wanted to put write that from in universe one might try the following:

[[StarCraft II|Four years after the Brood War]], Jim Raynor was running out of belief and hope...
Four years after the Brood War, Jim Raynor was running out of belief and hope...

Verb TenseEdit

Historical accounts in the past tense. For example:

Raynor protests the deployment of the psi-emitters at Tarsonis, but is ignored by Mengsk.

This would be inappropriate since the event that the sentence which happened in the past. It should be better as:

Raynor protested the deployment of the psi-emitters at Tarsonis, but was ignored by Mengsk.

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