"Sage" was an intelligence agent working for the Umojan Protectorate and the team leader of Ulli Trey's team.[2]


Sage sent agent Ulli Trey, aka Pandora, a psychic shadowguard, to Anselm to protect a former Terran Dominion dissident. She failed, leaving him upset about how she had nearly died on Anselm, and about how it was his decision to let her go there.[2]

Simonson OperationEdit

In 2503,[1] Sage led Pandora's team for four months in Augustgrad, Korhal IV, seeking intelligence on a secret Terran Dominion weapons project based at the Simonson Munitions Factory.

After four months, Sage felt like giving up. He was concerned about Pandora, whom he believed had been acting recklessly. As a psychic, she was vulnerable to detection by Dominion ghosts and wranglers. He told her to end the operation, particularly because she was willing to sacrifice her own life to complete it.

Pandora refused to give up, however. She created a false intelligence report showing a low number of guards at the factory. Sage felt slightly confused, enabling her to use her psionic abilities to manipulate Sage into agreeing with her. However, Sage would act slightly "scatter-brained" until the effects wore off. Parts of him were still strong-willed, however. He insisted on remaining close to Simonson, considering Pandora his responsibility. He followed as close as he could with a van, then parked behind a steep hill near the factory. Due to Sage's false security report, Sage felt the risk of remaining near the factory was low.

Pandora used her abilities to infiltrate the plant and emerge with critical information about the Thor Project. However, the Dominion military became aware that the plant had been infiltrated and conducted a massive search operation. They cornered and killed him.[2]


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