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Salvage is an ability in StarCraft II allowing terran bunkers to be removed from play in exchange for a portion of their resource cost.

Game EffectEdit

SC2 Salvage icon

Removes the structure and returns 75% of the structure's mineral and vespene gas cost. The process may not be aborted once started. A bunker cannot be salvaged while units are still in it.

Hotkey V
Cost 5Time SC2 Game1


The following section contains information from a previous version of StarCraft II which is no longer valid.

Add-ons, missile turrets and sensor towers once could be salvaged.[1]


  1. 1) In the current build, for 100 energy, the Queen can heal a biological unit or building by 200 hit points.

    2) For 50 energy, the Terran Orbital Command can increase a supply depot's supply provided by +8 permanently.
    3) Terran Add-Ons, Bunkers, Sensor Towers, and Missile Turrets can be salvaged for 100% of its cost. Salvage currently takes 5 seconds to complete.
    4) Yes, the Banshee portrait is of a female pilot.
    5) Vespene gas can still become depleted from geysers. Most geysers have 2500 gas each.
    Karune. 2009-06-30. Karune: Can the queen heal? StarCraft II General Discussion Forum. Accessed 2009-06-30.

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