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"I hear they have a special place for guys like Lassiter. A place where they can get inside your head and screw around with it."

- A prisoner discussing Lassiter's fate(src)

Private Sam Lassiter was a charismatic troublemaker in the Confederate Marine Corps during the Guild Wars. He was later made into a neurally resocialized soldier.[1]


Lassiter was imprisoned at MCF-R-156, Raydin III for an unspecified crime in 2488, where he clashed with a sadistic prison guard, Sergeant Bellamy. Fellow military prisoner Tychus Findlay met him there.

Lassiter once spat on Bellamy, prompting the sergeant to lock him into a box for five days with less than optimal oxygen levels. Two or three days was enough to kill most inmates, but Lassiter survived his entire term and even managed to mock Bellamy... and stab him with a fork. The injured Bellamy was forced to retreat, giving Findlay an opportunity to murder Bellamy and get away with it.

Findlay would later meet him at Fort Howe, Turaxis II, where they had both been transferred. Lassiter professed not to know Findlay, couldn't remember his time at MCF-R-156 and denied being capable of stabbing a sergeant with a fork. Findlay would come to realize Lassiter's fate—he had been the subject of neural resocialization.[1]


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