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Sargas Tribe
SargasTribe SC1 Logo1
  • Enforcers/Assassins
  • Templar tribe


De Facto Leader

Conclave (?–2500)

TemplarCaste SC2 Logo1 Templar Caste (?–2506)

DaelaamRegalia SC2 Decal1 Daelaam (2500–)


Aiur (2506–)

Official Language




  The Sargas Tribe is easily the most notorious of the protoss tribes. They are famed as warriors, but are known mainly for their skills at stealth and assassination.[1][2]

The Sargas' tribal color is blue.[2]


Early HistoryEdit

The xel'naga entrusted the Sargas with the Khalis crystal, which was cut from a monolithic crystal (along with its twin, the Uraj, entrusted to the Akilae). The xel'naga watched the twin crystals, which diverged in power and appearance along with the two tribes.[1]

Such division was symbolic of the chaos that was to come with the Aeon of Strife, the era of conflict brought to the end by Khas and the mandates of the Khala. The Sargas came to accept the way of the Khala in principle, but such embracement was far from uniform as more Dark Templar stemmed from the Sargas Tribe than any other,[2] taking the Khalis with them.[1]

The New OrderEdit

In spite of the peace and prosperity that the Khala provided for protoss society, the Sargas' allegiance to the Conclave was tenuous at best. Obsessed with holding onto their "free will" and tribal identity, the Sargas only offered their aid when it suited their purposes. Regardless, the Sargas were appointed as the official assassins of the protoss, subtly eradicating dissidents and enemies of the Conclave.[2]

By 2503 the Sargas Tribe had no representation in the Hierarchy.[3]


Sargas is a star situated at the "tail" of the constellation Scorpius. The insignia of the Sargas tribe resembles the tail of a scorpion.

The tribe's decal is available in multiplayer for winning 500 team games as protoss. It was initially mislabeled as the decal of the Shelak Tribe.[4]

References Edit

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