Scanner sweep is an ability manifested by a terran structure.

By using a satellite in high orbit, terrans can reveal a large area, even within the fog of war, and detect all cloaked and burrowed units within the area.[1]


ScanSweep SC1 Icon
Scanner Sweep

The ComSat station uses highly concentrated scanners to reveal an area, including cloaked or burrowed units. This can be executed anywhere on the map at any time. The circular view shown lasts for about 10 seconds before changing to the fog of war static view. A scanner sweep is indicated to all players (including the one doing it) by a series of blue 4-pointed sparkles moving in a circle.

Hotkey S
Cost 50 Energy Terran SC1

StarCraft IIEdit

SC2 Scanner Sweep icon
Scanner Sweep

The orbital command has the ability to temporarily clear the fog of war and detect all cloaked units within the target area, analogous to the ComSat station in StarCraft.

Hotkey C
Cost 50 Energy Terran SC1
Duration 12Time SC2 Game1


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