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Unit profile from Starcraft: Remastered

The scantid is a scorpion-like creature native to Korhal IV[1] and Tarsonis.[2] It has three eyes, two stinger-tipped tails, and four legs.

The original strain of the scantid grew to a length no greater than 15 centimeters and was a common inhabitant of the desert regions of Korhal IV. It repelled predators with a mild venom which caused a mild rash and itching.

After Korhal was ravaged by nuclear weapons in the surprise attack by the Terran Confederacy, nothing was left alive on the surface of the planet, but scantids survived in underground communal burrows. The massive radiation changed the species forever.

The mutated scantid is much larger; its claws are capable of ripping a human in half and its sting is filled with extremely lethal poison. However, scantids are not innately aggressive and generally flee when threatened or injured. Their communal instinct has survived; a large community of them live in an area known as Scorpion Ravine.[3]


Planetary data lists the scantid as being native to both Korhal[1] and Tarsonis.[2] This may be an error or a sign of pre-terran species introduction, as evolutionary law dictates that such an occurence is practically impossible.


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