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Scientist SC2-HotS Cine1

Terran scientists

Scientists continually advance technology and knowledge.

Terran ScientistsEdit

Scientist SC2 Head1

A terran scientist.

Main article: Terran scientists

Notable ScientistsEdit

StarCraft Terran Game UnitsEdit

UED ScientistsEdit

Civilians have been used to represent scientists in numerous missions.[1][2][3]

StarCraft II Game UnitsEdit

Scientists are used in some StarCraft II missions, such as Engine of Destruction[4] and Piercing the Shroud.[5]

Protoss ScientistsEdit

Protoss Advance/Experimental Facility ScientistsEdit

Main article: PAX

PAX worked on the boundaries of protoss science in an isolated laboratory, going beyond ethical boundaries. It was destroyed by an experiment which got out of control.[6]

Forthum SC-FL Head1 Gruu SC-FL2 Head1 Harrum SC-FL2 Head1
Forthum (lead scientist) Gruu Harrum
Jhas SC-FL2 Head1 Wa'Rak SC-FL2 Head1 Nubas SC-FL2 Comic1
Jhas Wa'Rak Nubas (previously deceased)

Scientist PortraitsEdit


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