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"It is our most sacred rite of passage. The initiate stands alone. Members of her tribe strike against her from the shadows. If she endures, she becomes a Shadow Hunter--true dark templar."

The Shadow Walk is an element of Nerazim culture. Protoss must pass it before officially becoming a Dark Templar. It requires the aspirant to walk down a valley and keep only to the shadows, out of which Dark Templar will spring unexpectedly to assault him/her. Those who make it to the end of the valley without being incapacitated pass the test.

Those who have followed the path of the Khala find it far more difficult to complete the trial. By the Great War, only two individuals who have followed Khas's philosophy have passed, one of which was Tassadar, managing to pass the test through combining his Templar energies with those that Zeratul had taught him.[1] Six years later, Matriarch Vorazun was of the opinion that Hierarch Artanis had completed the Shadow Walk trial when he fought to defend the xel'naga temple of Shakuras's phase prism against the zerg alone, and that he had proven his place as a Dark Templar.[2][3]


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