Shayna Bradshaw is a terran colonist of Bhekar Ro and wife to Abdel Bradshaw.


Life progressed normally for Shayna until in late 2500, she and the rest of the colonists were called to Free Haven for a meeting as per the request of Octavia Bren. Shayna was impatient, courtesy of a blocked irrigation system back on her property and even the fact that Octavia had discovered an alien artifact that had seemingly killed her brother and sent some kind of beacon into space didn't really give her a new sense of priorities. However, she took the same course of action as most of the colonists and agreed to call for aid, breaking the planet's self-imposed isolation.

A few days later, another meeting was called, courtesy of an alien craft being downed by Fee Haven's missile turret. Hostile alien forces reaching Bhekar Ro before friendly terran ones was a distinct possibility and Nikolai argued that they had to prepare for the worst. Shayna was originally cynical, pointing out that the colony lacked any sophisticated weaponry, the only firearms used for shooting game (not that any creatures existed on the planet worth shooting in her mind). However, the colonists were more intent on providing ideas than being cynical about their situation, and as such, Shayna prepared to defend her world.

This was a task undertaken earlier than expected, Octavia alerting the colony that alien invaders had landed before any friendly forces. Her cynicism cast aside, Shayna began setting up cots and stockpiling medical supplies in Free Haven's for wounded, a task aided by Cyn McCarthy and Kirsten Warner. In the aftermath of the attack on the township, she helped tend to the wounded alongside her husband.


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