Shipley Enterprises is a terran organization based in the Koprulu Sector. Working in conjunction with the Interstellar Escape Travel Agency, it offers the Slow Burn Travel Package, the following of which is a summary;

Slow Burn

The Slow Burn logo

You are shoved out of the Dropship with a Kel-Morian multi-functional knife, a compass and three days worth of food. At this point you have one week to cover 350 kilometers of lava strewn Zerg infested rock and reach the pick up site. While this may sound trivial, the fluctuating magnetic fields that cover the surface of Char make the compass unreliable at best, and the cloud of ash that surrounds the planet seldom allows the stars to peek through to the surface. If you want a vacation that will leave your family with something to talk about for years to come, then try the Slow Burn.

Its sales representative is "One Eye" McAlester.


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