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The following section contains information from a previous version of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm which is no longer valid.

Shredder SC2-HotS DevRend1


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The shredder was a terran automaton. It was developed after the first phase of the Second Great War after analysis of the battles fought, in order to better improve the terran war machine.[2]

Game UnitEdit

The shredder was a mobile unit produced from the factory.[3] It could create a whirlwind of radioactive death around it. The attack was automatically disabled if friendly units entered within range.[4] It was particuarly effective against zerg opponents.[5]

The shredder could not attack while moving and needed to be deployed for it to use its ability.[4][3]

The shredder's unit portrait was expected to resemble the MULE's.[5]


The shredder began its life as a "napkin concept"—a term for low-detail concept art, with most of the actual design left to unit modelers. An early concept had it being structurally similar to spider mines.[5]

The shredder was cut from multiplayer by April 2012. Testing showed it confused players; the unit was being used for quickly killing workers rather than for its intended purpose of map control.[6] Additionally, its role overlapped with that of the siege tank.[7]

Heart of the Swarm beta files indicate that the shredder had many different forms and/or names over the course of its development. These include the "sentry mine," "firebot" and "mine layer."[8]


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