Sif Snabb was the daughter of Erik Snabb and Kyrie Snabb. She moved to Braxis with her family to get away from the frontlines of the war, but was thrown into danger when the zerg invaded during the Second Great War.


Sif was born to Erik and Kyrie Snabb. Her birth was the sign that Erik needed to resign from his post as a pilot in the Dominion Armed Forces. The family moved to Braxis to set up a new life away from the frontlines.

When the zerg attacked the system, Sif and Kyrie were among the civilians who needed to evacuate Braxis. Erik volunteered to fly in a viking squadron to provide a distraction while they evacuated. Erik told Sif that he was leaving on a trip, and would be back very soon, and Sif tried to provide comfort for her scared mom. The two were to be on either the second or third evacuation vessels off of the world.[1]


Sif may be named after the Norse goddess of the same name.


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