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Gunnery Sergeant Sims was the Confederate supply sergeant at Prosser's Well, Raydin III during the Guild Wars. He had stuck-out ears, coal-chip eyes, an extra chin and stubble hair. Due to the way his ears stuck out, some of his face referred to him as "jughead," though never to his face. He also smoked cigars.

Unlike other residents of Raydin III, who wore nose plugs to deal with the high methane/low oxygen atmosphere, he wore a minimal mask with an elastic band.[1]


Sims enlisted in the Confederate Marine Corps. As a corporal, he and Calvin served together.

Following a successful Confederate action against the Kel-Morian Combine at Prosser's Well in 2488, Sims was put in charge of a warehouse of captured Kel-Morian treasure. He was met by Staff Sergeant Tychus Findlay, who arranged to sell some of the treasure to Master Sergeant Calvin of a transportation company before a logistics team could get to the warehouse, for a third of the value. Sims initially objected to the split, believing Findlay wasn't bringing enough to the deal, but Findlay pointed out that Sims wouldn't have a customer without him.

They arranged to be paid in silium crystals. After the deal was struck, Findlay left... with most of Sims' cigars!

The deal fell through, however, since Findlay was arrested for an unrelated crime.[1]


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