" your demise."

- Slivan confronting the Queen of Blades(src)

Slivan, the Eternal Mother was one of the primal zerg pack leaders of Zerus. She was described as "hollow and destructive" by Zurvan.

In 2505, the new, primal Queen of Blades killed Slivan and absorbed her essence.[2]

Game UnitEdit

"More! There must be more!"

- Slivan's combat strategy(src)

Slivan is a larger version of the swarm host and spawns virtually endless waves of creepers, which are the primary obstacle on fighting her; the player must keep moving about to avoid being overwhelmed by the exploding creepers.

On her own, Slivan moves slowly and has the lowest HP of the three pack leaders. She has no innate attack, but an Acid Vomit ability that functions as her main attack. Acid Vomit creates a lasting slime puddle that slows all units that walk through it and deals damage over time.

Heroes of the StormEdit

Heroes DevLog2

The following section contains information from Heroes of the Storm and is not canon to StarCraft continuity

Slivan appears as the final boss of the "Escape from Braxis" brawl in Heroes of the Storm. She uses the generic mercenary swarm host skin.


"A disgusting primal zerg leader that endlessly births swarms of minions. Emotionless, distant and quiet. Very disturbing and unsettling undertones to everything she says."

- Character description(src)

If viewed in the map editor, the creeper sacs on Slivan's back take on team colors.


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