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The slothien (a.k.a. "caterpillar cows")[1] were soft-ribbed,[2] peaceful, caterpillar-like herbivores, making their homes in large nests. This changed with their assimilation into the Zerg Swarm, becoming the nightmarish hydralisks. Even their nests were corrupted.[3]

It is known that slothien possessed urticating hairs,[4] which were coated in a mild paralytic venom to ward off predators.[2] These hairs formed the basis for the hydralisk's deadly needle spines.[4] Additionally, their thick mandibles were subjected to forced evolution to increase their effectiveness.[2]

The protoss are aware of the slothien and their assimilation by the Swarm. The Terran Dominion learnt of them through obtaining these records,[1] and carried out further studies.[2]


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