"I ' die And...I 'aint gonna might as well...kill me now
Fine by me."

- The final exchange between Snake Tattoo and Arcturus Mengsk(src)

"Snake Tattoo" was an anti-Confederacy rebel. He suffered from malnutrition in his youth, and appeared to originate from a Fringe World. He shaved his head with a snake tattoo (hence the name) around his ear and had the stare of a professional killer.


In 2481 Snake Tattoo and a team of four other rebels attacked the resort town of Elsecaro, Tyrador IX, targeting off-duty Confederate soldiers such as Lieutenant Arcturus Mengsk. He used an AGR-14 rifle, suited for soldiers who weren't wearing marine armor and loud enough to be very intimidating.

Mengsk was taking shore leave with his Umojan girlfriend Juliana Pasteur, who was accompanied by a pair of bodyguards. Mengsk realized Snake Tattoo was a rebel and attempted to start a gunfight with him, but had left his weapon in his hotel.

The rebels traded fire with Pasteur's bodyguards, and during the chaos Mengsk was able to take a weapon off one of the corpses and join in. Snake Tattoo tried to shoot Mengsk, but a tourist got in the way. Mengsk eventually shot Snake Tattoo in the shoulder, severely wounding him.

When Arcturus Mengsk approached him, he was defiant, daring Mengsk to kill him. Mengsk shot him between the eyes.


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