The Southern Druids, or Southerners as they're often known, are one of the two factions battling for control of Sutur V, the other being the Northern Platformers.


In the wake of the colonization of Sutur V, one side believed that a huge sprawling space station should be erected to further interstellar trade, and they could use giant robotic machines to extract the mineral wealth from the planet necessary for the station’s construction. These people managed to build the "Platform" over much of the Northern Hemisphere of the world. The builders and inhabitants of the Platform became known as the Northern Platformers or just the Northerners. Another faction held the life of the planet sacred, and committed to a plan of becoming one with the Planet and all its myriad life forms. These people were known as the Southern Druids, which was eventually shortened to the Southerners. These two opposing sides have been fighting in both the jungles to the south and the space platforms to the north for generations, so long that most of the people fighting and dying no longer know why. These unwilling warriors no longer wish to fight, but the leaders of both sides demand victory at all costs. The wildlife has mostly died out years ago, and the robotic mining machines have ceased to function, but still the war goes on.


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