Space Station Prometheus (a.k.a. "Prometheus Station") is a secret Moebius Foundation lab situated in the Kirkegaard Belt.


The facility has three levels of secrecy—its location (the belt being notoriously difficult to navigate), sequestering the station inside an asteroid, and cloaking said asteroid. To dock, protocol 221-C is invoked by approaching craft.

Aesthetically, the station is quite exquisite. It is constructed out of plascrete and neosteel, but with its swirls, curves, hues, and lighting, it resembles the architecture of the xel'naga. Artificial gravity is maintained.

In terms of layout, the station has three main rings, two small and one larger one at the center, protectively encircling an elongated sphere that looks like a silver-blue tear. Its interior includes a sick bay, 27 labs, at least 4 atriums, a dining area, recreational area, a library, and a hanger bay.


The station was designed by Prince Valerian Mengsk of the Dominion, and Doctor Emil Narud of the Moebius Foundation, the former providing the funds required for its construction. Onboard the station, Narud carried out hybridization experiments, and while Valerian was aware of this, Narud kept him in the dark as to how far the experiments had progressed.

During the Flashpoint Conflict, after the Battle of Char, the forces led by Valerian and Jim Raynor found themselves pursued by the Dominion Armada. Arcturus Mengsk was determined that Sarah Kerrigan be terminated, while Valerian and Raynor wanted to keep her alive because of the Ulaan prophecy. It was decided that Prometheus could provide a haven for Kerrigan to recieve treatment, and to provide a respite from the Dominion's pursuit. Narud guided them into the station and the rebels were provided safe haven. Or so it seemed, as it was revealed that Narud was in league with Arcturus, and on cue, the Dominion Armada began to enter the belt.

Fighting raged on the station and in the belt outside. However, the rebels were able to escape, but were not able to prevent Narud from absconding with the xel'naga device they had brought with them.

Known StaffEdit


The station's namesake is likely derived from the titan Prometheus.


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