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The following section contains information from StarCraft that is ambiguously canonical.

Space vampires are a clan-based species.[1] As of 2503,[2] the general terran populace of the Koprulu Sector has yet to make contact with them (officially).[3]


SpaceVampire Bloodlines Cncpt1

Concept art for Bloodlines

It was stated in an interview by Blizzard employees that the zerg are universally feared, hated and hunted by all the sapient species of the Milky Way.[4] The statement was quite general however, and it is unclear how much of it (if any) can be said to apply to the space vampires.

The space vampires were originally part of a Blizzard game titled Bloodlines, taking place in a setting that involved robots, cyborgs, and the space vampires themselves. When Blizzard chose to focus on StarCraft, Chris Metzen (who'd been working on the game with Nick Carpenter) transferred some of his ideas from the game.[5] The space vampire concept was eventually dropped in favour of the zerg and protoss.[1]


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