Lieutenant Colonel Sparks was a Moebius Corps officer who was in charge of security for the Revanscar facility. His office desk was immaculate, and the walls were covered with various commendations. He possessed some proficiency in hand to hand combat, despite his age.


After Brute Squad delivered a xel'naga relic to the facility, he was given command of Brute Squad (taking over from Major Braxton) and assigned them to guard Sector Six. However, when giving his orders to Commander Dorian, he was confrontational and attempted to provoke him.

During the first two days of their new security duty, Sparks was vague on how long their detail would be, but banned them from entering the restricted sections of Sector Six. When Professor Benz used a plasma gun to randomly shoot scientists in the restricted section, Sparks reprimanded Dorian, but refused to allow his men to enter the restricted section or give him any details on why it happened. It was confirmed later that Sparks and other high ranking officers were wearing psi-screens, which seemed to be a preventative measure against the strange occurrences happening in the sector.

When Brute Squad defied orders and broke into Sector Six, Sparks pulled a gun on them, but was knocked out after a confrontation with Dorian, and was thrown into a tank and downed with lights-out rounds by Dorian. The squad would later fall under hybrid control, but it was never confirmed whether Sparks himself was a hybrid thrall.


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