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Special Research Operations

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Dominion High Command


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  Special Research Operations, otherwise referred to as "Special Research Ops"[1] or "SRO"[2] is a Dominion research unit. Its parameters of operation include research into the zerg.[3] It possesses a Xenobiology Department which has conducted such observations.[4]

Special Research Operations was the first group to document the zerg tactic of setting "tripwires," where the zerg would discover a rich source of minerals, burrow forces near the deposit, and ambush anyone who came to mine the resources.[5]

In 2505, when a feral mutalisk spire was discovered on Choss, SRO sent Doctor Brad Champlain to find and recover a canny mutalisk corpse for study. He was successful, and the mutalisk corpse was brought to Project Blackstone.[3]

Known MembersEdit


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