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"It's been about a year since StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void concluded the epic saga of Jim Raynor, Sarah Kerrigan, and the war against Amon. You've devoured the latest missions in Nova Covert Ops, but you want to know more about what’s next for the Koprulu sector. Can Valerian Mengsk lead the Dominion to an enlightened new age? How will the protoss recover from the devastating loss of the Khala? What's Abathur been up to, anyway? All these questions will be answered in Timothy Zahn's new novel, StarCraft: Evolution, which releases on November 8 from Del Rey Books."

- Book description(src)

Evolution Cover1

Timothy Zahn


Del Rey Books


November 8, 2016[1]


Hardcover, e-book





StarCraft: Evolution is an upcoming StarCraft novel written by Timothy Zahn. It will take place years after StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void, and deal with the relationship between the three major powers of the Koprulu sector after the conflict.[2]


Award-winning author Timothy Zahn pens the latest chapter in the stunning StarCraft saga, building on the game’s rich legacy to create an unforgettable new story.

After nearly a decade of brutal warfare, three mighty factions—the enigmatic protoss, the savage zerg, and the terrans, humanity’s descendants in the sector—have entered a cease-fire, but the peace is tenuous at best. When the sudden restoration of an incinerated planet is brought to light, tensions erupt. Neutrality swings back to hostility, and old enemies are accused of developing biological weapons to reignite the bitter conflict.

An expedition of terran and protoss soldiers and researchers is deployed to investigate the mysterious zerg planet and its inhabitants’ intentions. But the lush alien landscape is host to other denizens, creatures shrouded in shadow, and should they be unleashed, they will change the fate of the entire galaxy.[3]






The novel's existence was confirmed as early as September 2015, but remained untitled during this time period.[4] As of November 2015, the novel's story had yet to be fully planned out. James Waugh has speculated that it will take place after the events of Nova Covert Ops;[5] a promotion from Blizzard Entertainment appears to back up this statement.[6]

Original DescriptionEdit

The original back-of-book description for the novel read as thus:

The war between the terrans, the protoss, and the zerg has been over for years, but the fight for peace is still being waged. As the Terran Dominion struggles to recover from the ravages of war, Emperor Valerian Mengsk has no intention of ruling in the same bloody manner as his father, the late Arcturus Mengsk. Instead of seeking vengeance, Valerian is determined to maintain the peace. So when he receives an urgent plea for aid from Zagara, Overqueen of the savage zerg Swarm, he agrees to hear her case despite his personal misgivings and the severe disapproval of Hierarch Artanis of the protoss.

Zagara claims that the Swarm has changed. No longer bent on destruction, they have revitalized the planet Gystt, once thought to be irreparable after its incineration by the protoss during wartime. Now the zerg wish only to live there in peace and nurture new life. But when Dominion agents—a hard-bitten marine, an unpredictable reaper, an idealistic xenobiologist, a former ghost operative, and an enigmatic protoss researcher—arrive to investigate the planet, they suspect that not all of the zerg are truly dedicated to Zagara’s dream of harmonious paradise. Gystt hides dark secrets, and should they be unleashed, it will mean disaster for the universe.[2]


An excerpt is viewable on and another one at Random House.


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