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StarCraft: Frontline
Tokyopop GrphNv Art1

Paul Benjamin, Josh Elder, Simon Furman, Kieron Gillen, Richard A. Knaak, Chris Metzen, Grace Randolph, Dave Shramek, Ren Zatopek


Troy Lewter,[1] Hope Donovan[2]

Cover artist(s)

Saejin Oh and UDON crew, Joe Vriens

Interior artist(s)

Tomás Aira, Matt Dalton, Jesse Elliott, German Erramouspe, Ramanda Kamarga, Nan Kim, Seung-Hui Kye, Noel Rodriguez, Mel Joy San Juan, Hector Sevilla, Naohiro Washio




Volume 1 (August 12, 2008)
Volume 2 (January 1, 2009)
Volume 3 (July 14, 2009)
Volume 4 (October 1, 2009)

Book 1: Volume 1
Book 2: Volume 2
Book 3: Volume 3
Book 4: Volume 4

StarCraft: Frontline is a four-volume anthology series of StarCraft graphic novels series by Tokyopop.[3] The first volume, StarCraft: Frontline: Volume 1, was published August 1st, 2008. The second volume was published in January 2009, the third in July of that year and the fourth in October.

All of the stories in the series stemmed directly from material developed for StarCraft II[4] and contain "fringe stories" that normally wouldn't be told.[5] Blizzard approves every element of the graphic novels — story, art, and cover.[1]

Many of the stories were outlined by Micky Neilson and James Waugh and passed onto various authors.[6]

After Tokyopop went out of business, the series could be bought online at ComiXology.[7]


FrontlineVol1 GrphNov Cover2

FrontlineVol2 GraphNovel Cover1

FrontlineVol3 GraphNovel Cover1

SC-FL4 Cover1


Tokyopop advertised Frontline as an Original English-language manga, a definition created by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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