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StarCraft: Frontline: Volume 1
FrontlineVol1 GrphNov Cover2

Josh Elder, Richard A. Knaak, Paul Benjamin, Dave Shramek, and Simon Furman


Paul Morrissey

Cover artist(s)

UDON with Joe Vriens and Saejin Oh

Interior artist(s)

Ramanda Kamarga, Naohiro Washio, Hector Sevilla and Jesse Elliott (story artists).


192 (paperback), 172 (library binding)




August 1st, 2008 (paperback), October 4th, 2008 (library binding)


Mini Trade Paperback


ISBN 1427-80721-3 (paperback), ISBN 1439-55803-5 (library binding)


ISBN 978-1427-80721-2 (paperback), ISBN 978-1439-55803-4 (library binding)

Why We Fight
Weapon of War
Heavy Armor, Part 1

StarCraft: Frontline: Volume 1 is the first graphic novel in the three-part StarCraft: Frontline series.

The Journey, a story in Warcraft: Legends, Volume 1, was previewed in Frontline: Volume 1.

Cryptozoic now sells the graphic novel electronically through the Cryptozoic Comics App.[1]


The world of StarCraft comes alive in this new anthology! In a story by Richard Knaak, a Thor driver's ego leads him and two partners to try to pull off a heist in the middle of a war zone. A Viking pilot must battle his mentor for the lives of an entire colony, and a Terran mining colony is overrun by the Zerg, but what should the marines and miners who remain do with the cause of this invasion… a psionic six-year-old child.


StarCraft: Frontline: Volume 1 includes four stories.


Tokyopop staff. StarCraft: Frontline (excerpts). Tokyopop. Accessed 2008-09-15.


StarCraft: Frontline: Volume 1 achieved a #57 sales rank in August 2008.[2]

It won the Chronic Rift Roundtable best manga Award for 2008.[3]


Morrissey, Paul, ed. StarCraft: Frontline: Volume 1. Tokyopop, August 1, 2008. ISBN 978-1427-80721-2.

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